We offer an introductory 20 minute meeting for prospective clients.

Fee Schedule: Percentage of assets under management (annually: 1% for the first $2,000,000, plus 0.8% for assets over $2,000,000, plus 0.4% for assets over $5,000,000, plus 0.2% for assets over $10,000,000).

We invest in a variety of cost effective investments appropriate to your situation including ETFs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and REITs.

Please call or email us. We will process your request via a beneficiary form.

Kindly let us know which assets you like to transfer and into which account. We will do the required paperwork for you.

It can be accomplisher thru linkage of your bank account to your investment account.

How can we help you?

Feel free to contact us anytime for any business inquiry.